Yoga nidra - The yogic sleep technique

This technique will help all those who are either unable to sleep, either due to insomnia or due to time pressures, travel pressure or other reasons that prevent a full night’s sleep.

I am going to offer a guided method for yoga nidra. In spite of having done yoga nidra thousands of times, I still prefer to listen to the audio and do it under guidance.

I know there are few others who teach you to do it yourself. But there is no better way for a novice to experience the power of yoga nidra than through a guided method.

Please follow this checklist before you start.

  1. Find a secluded place at home or in office to do this practice where you will not be disturbed for 30 mins (or the duration of the tape). And make sure you will not be disturbed for this duration.

  2. Any time of the day is ok. Ideally you can do when your energy levels are dipping and you need a pick me up. It’s better to avoid this soon after a meal. Also avoid this practice just before sleep since for some people, this practice itself becomes equal to deep sleep and they may not be able to drop of to sleep after that. I find that I am able to sleep soon after yoga nidra too. But I am contrary. So it may not be so for you.

  3. Yoga mat / dhurrie / carpet is ideal. But you can use the bed or sofa too.