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About Us

Helping people to discover their super power through the right sleep

Deep Sleep Academy helps people with sleep difficulties to sleep by 10 pm and wake up by 5 am, using the Deep Sleep Formula. 

Those who find it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep through the night, or who wake up feeling tired or not fully refreshed can find answers to their questions and learn how to take charge of their sleep and their life. 

Sleep is foundational to our well-being, productivity, happiness and longevity.

Sleep, Nutrition and Exercise are the 3 pillars of our well-being.

Our courses ensure that you learn the right approach to good health, immunity, longevity and happiness.

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Our Story

Deep Sleep Academy is a unit of Excel People Centric Solutions Pvt Ltd that was founded in 2006 to provide solutions in the space of personal development, team development, and leadership development to corporates and organisations who value their human potential.

Several blockbuster proprietary programs have been developed by this company benefitting hundreds of thousands of people across hundreds of organisations. 

Energy@Work is a program that helps energise teams and organisations to function together as a well-knit co-ordinated group rather than as a collection of individuals. This program has been successfully implemented in organisations such as SCOPE (Standard Chartered Bank), Lason India and others. Thousands of people have benefitted from this program


Breath@Work is a peak-performance tool that helps leaders to align their breath to their purpose and discover their hidden potential when their breath is unlocked. The review score for this program is one of the highest in the industry. This has successfully run in organisations such as Cognizant, BNI, and more. Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced and benefitted from this program worldwide.

In 2020, when COVID-19 hit the world, many people suffered from lack of sleep, and stress levels shot through the roof. At this time, the death of a friend, instigated the launch of a Deep Sleep Bootcamp to help people to take charge of their sleep and their life.

Ignatius Raphael studied deeply from several neuroscientists and Sleep Researchers to learn how to help those who are sleep deprived or who have poor sleep hygiene thus putting them at risk of early death or impaired health and productivity.

He became the Deep Sleep & Longevity Coach in 2020 and founded the Deep Sleep Academy to help individuals, teams and organisations to learn how the right sleep can build the right.

Meet The Team

Ignatius Raphael, Deep Sleep & Longevity Coach is the founder and Director of this company.

He helps people to sleep faster, deeper and wake up more energised than ever before. He intends to run a marathon at the age of 100 and is building a tribe that is keen to live a long, healthy, productive and happy life. 

Educated in Don Bosco, Egmore, and Loyola College, Chennai, learning, and self-development has been his passion for the last 3 decades. He is a practitioner of Heartfulness Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, NLP, Past Life Regression, Primal Painting, and many more healing methodologies. He has been coaching other business owners for the last few years and finds that lack of adequate sleep is a silent killer to this stressed-out community. 

He is the founder of the "Deep Sleep Formula," which helps people with sleep difficulties to sleep by 10 PM and wake up around 5 AM and the co-creator of Breath@Work and Energy@Work. He is on a mission to help over 10 million people to regain their well-being and happiness and sleep is foundational to their ability to do so.

He can be reached through this link

Murali Sundaram, Happyness Coach® and co-founder and director of this company.

He is an author, Happyness Coach®, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker with over 22 years experience in the Training & Selling field as well as the Healthcare & Wellness Industry. He is a certified NLP Trainer, Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Trainer, Specialist in Neuroscience, Yogic Science, Management Science as well as Pharmaceutical Sciences. 

Murali has till date successfully trained more than 323,000 Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Executives across 15 different countries on Happiness, Money & Leadership.

He is the Executive Director of BNI, Chennai "A" and Instrumental in helping 750+ Small & Medium Entrepreneurs generate more than $150 Million USD of Business in the last 6 years in Chennai.

Co-Creator of Breath@Work, a revolutionary Mindful Happiness program that combines ancient Indian Science, Management Science & Neuro-Science, he is the Best Selling Author of more than 6 books as featured in Amazon.

Our Clients

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