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Year-end blues

Hi! Do you feel a little down or disappointed at the end of the year? Is there a vague feeling that you missed out on something and you may not even be sure what it is?

This is FOMO in hindsight. Fear of having missed out on something.

This typically happens to over-achievers. Those who want to do more, more and more, and even some more. Such over-achievers may or may not actually achieve anything in life. Some do. Some don't. It is all a game played in our minds.

We tend to fantasize about what could have happened and in our imagination, we project an outcome that is very different from what we actually experienced.

For instance, at the end of the year, I wonder whether I missed out on doing something that could have increased my reach and influence, improve my financial wealth, got me my 6-pack abs, improved my relationship with my mother or siblings, set out on that vagabonding experience that I was craving, etc.

We want all the good things that we can think about without considering whether we had the time to do all that we want to do.

It is important for us at the end of the year to

  1. review what went well

  2. what could have been done differently

  3. what will you do next year to make it better

We need to do this exercise in a state of love and compassion, understanding all that we experienced and how each event in our life is contributing to our overall growth and development.

This life is a learning experience for us. We are the epitome of millions of years of evolution where our ancestors experienced, reflected on it, learnt their lessons and improved themselves to arrive at where we are today.

Be kind to yourself and others in your life. Let go of the mistakes you made, they are the spaces between the threads that stitch the fabric of your life. They are the silence between the tones that form the music of your life. Without these mistakes, life will just be deafening noise or a mass of dense useless matter.

It is ok to feel the loss of a year that has passed by. This is the march of life and we need to undergo this rite of passage. We can endure it better by learning our lessons, being grateful for our blessings, forgiving our detractors, and resolving to focus our time on the more important things in the coming year.

Know what values drive your life, be authentic to them, be yourself and be kind to others around you. Life will unravel and take you on a journey that is uniquely yours. Don't compare your journey with that of your friend, neighbour or social media acquaintance. You are unique and your journey is unique and every step, every rock, every flower, every bump and every twist and turn are meant to be and is what creates your story.

Live, Love, Laugh!

Work at what you love. Love what you are working on. Laugh at what life throws at you.

Rest at the end of the day so you can live to fight another day.

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