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Wish you the best year ever in 2021. It is in your power to make it the best year ever.

Every year, on New Year Day or a couple of days before, you might have wished to have a fantastic year where your aspirations, dreams, and goals are manifested effortlessly.

It could have been wishing a perfect body, abundant effortless wealth, a beautiful romantic relationship, an exotic holiday, a great job, business success, etc.

This year, I have a technique that can help you to achieve whatever you wished for.
You need to commit to doing JUST ONE PRACTICE DAILY

You need to take a minute to close your eyes and promise yourself that you will do this one single practice that can get you what you desire.

Just do it!

Ok. Here goes.

Wake up ONE HOUR before your day needs to start... Whatever that time it is ok. If your daily activities start at 6 am, then wake up at 5 am.
You will spend this ONE HOUR with yourself. ONLY YOURSELF. No one else. No spouse, children, pets, plants, books, mobile, laptop, TV, etc.
You can sit, stand, walk slowly and gently or do whatever, but keep your spine erect.
Communicate with yourself silently, you can write to yourself if you like with pen and paper. Not laptop or mobile.
As you spend this time, you will relax, like yourself better, talk to yourself, find out what you want and don't want, discover your highest purpose and intentions, make plans for the day/week/year/life.
You can meditate if you like with your eyes closed and commune with your Creator.
This is YOUR TIME. Do not allow anything to intrude. Silence your phones and any other interruptions.

As you invest this time in yourself, you will discover your immense capabilities and co-create the life of your dreams.

Go do it and let me know how well you succeeded when it manifest in your life.


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