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There is no freedom without boundaries

Do you like boundaries?

Do you believe boundaries are restrictive or freedom-giving?

I discovered that boundaries can truly release you and make you free.

Why do I say that?

Think of a beautiful painting. Do you think it will look good without its frame? The frame or the edge of the canvas gives the artist the freedom to explore the space within. Without that edge, their work will get washed away. The edge holds and contains their work while enhancing it.

So it is with all the boundaries and restrictions in our life.

Think of the busy road in your city. How will it be without the yellow lines, the street lights and the stop signs. There will be total chaos in the streets if these boundaries were not there.

Think of the gate or the door in your house. It bounds what is within and does not let outsiders inside. It gives you the freedom to sleep peacefully at night.

Think of your sleep itself. When you give boundaries to your sleep, it will come very easily and naturally. Say you tell yourself that you will go to bed by 10 pm and wake up by 5 am, it is a definitive plan and your subconscious will help you manifest it. You might need to help it along with a few more boundaries such as, no screen time / mobile for one hour before sleep and one hour after waking up. This one hour will help give you the freedom to get your natural sleep at night and prepare you for the best day of your life the next day. These boundaries give you the freedom to be yourself.

When you tell your teenager to come back home at a particular time or to not drive if he has taken any alcohol, these restrictions prevent mishaps and trouble. It gives freedom to the teenager to enjoy fully within the boundaries. If by chance, they choose to step out of the boundaries, it is possible for the experience to end painfully. The joy of stepping out is swiftly brought to a screeching halt, and the pain starts... sometimes for a very long time.

What other boundaries can you think of in your life, which are actual giving you the freedom to be yourself?

List them in the comments section below.

Boundaries are here to protect us all. We need to understand their uses and make them work for us, rather than against us.

Unlimited resources has always ended up badly. When restrictions are there on time, money, resources and choices, it helps us to think creatively within these boundaries and create true freedom for ourselves.

Everything in life is a perspective. When it is bound by a boundary you are able to dive deeper within the space and discover the abundance and joy within it.

Don't fret and wear yourself thin against the boundaries you perceive that are holding you back. Look within these boundaries and start discovering the infinite possibilities contained within this space.

The beauty of life is that most of the big things can be meaningless and some of the tiniest little things are enormously meaningful and powerful.

Go explore within your boundaries and set yourself free to grow, expand and live life to the fullest.

You deserve this life. No boundary can imprison you for long without your permission.

Go set yourself free!

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