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The Deep Sleep Formula

In this article I want to share an overview of the Deep Sleep Formula that I created in 2020 and wrote a book on last December. This simple but powerful formula works wonders for your day as well as your night.

Though I call it the Deep Sleep Formula I personally feel it is more of a Deep Life Formula

So many of us just float through life without noticing where we are, what we are doing, what is happening around us.

And several times we end up feeling that we are not in control and we are being kicked around like a football.

We don't get the sleep we deserve.

We don't get the results at work or in our relationships or in our health the way we expect it to. And then we may get despondent.

The Deep Sleep Formula can help you find your feet again and get back to being in control of your life

Many thousands of people have already benefitted from the Deep Sleep Formula over the last 2.5 years. These simple steps of becoming aware of your first hour and the last hour and making the changes that will bring you the results you are seeking can alter the quality of your life.

So how would the Deep Sleep Formula help you do that?

First, let me explain to you what the Deep Sleep Formula is...

DSF (Deep Sleep Formula) = PMR (Personal Morning Routine) + PNR (Personal Night Routine)

PMR (Personal Morning Routine)

The first hour of the morning (from when you wake up) should be earmarked for yourself alone. No outsiders. No digital influencers.

  1. Spend time ONLY with your inner self / Creator

  2. Start with gratitude (while in bed)

  3. Make your bed (start your day with a win. You have completed your sleep and starting the day)

  4. Visualise your day (while brushing your teeth)

  5. Power up your body (10-20 mins) A routine that will power up your body - an exercise routine, dance routine or whatever that will get your heart pumping.

  6. Drink water (at least 1 to 1.5 ltrs in the first 1.5 hours of the day)

  7. Meditation / Mindfullness / Journalling (connect with your soul / inner voice / creator)

  8. Read / Learn (something new for 5-10 mins. Or listen to an audio book while walking / running)

  9. Prioritise your day (make sure your biggest tasks are done first)

  10. Digital Detox (No mobiles, internet, social media, TV)

The PMR helps you to smoothly transition yourself from the sleep state to the awake state without unneccessarily jarring you or shocking you. It helps you to warm up for the day - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is the time for you to fill your well and sharpen your axe so you are clear what you are going to do that day and why. This should be non negotiable time that is invested in yourself.

When you have done this for just one month, you would notice the changes happening in your life and how you are able to attract what you visualise for yourself.

PNR (Personal Night Routine)

The last hour of the day (before you get into bed) should also be earmarked for yourself alone. No outsiders. No digital influencers. This is the time for you to wind down from the day, dropping the impressions you have collected during your day and preparing to welcome your sleep to envelop your consciousness.

LAST HOUR OF THE DAY (Before bed time)

  1. Fixed time every day. Regularity of schedule is critical.

  2. Dim the lights (yellow is ok. White/Blue is bad). Last half hour can be just the night sky or total darkness.

  3. Core body temperature drop + Light Stretches

  4. Don't allow strangers into your bedroom (Digital Detox - No mobile / latpop / TV)

  5. Forgive those you need to, including yourself

  6. Gratitude Journal - Write at least 10 things you are grateful for today

  7. Make the next day's To-Do List

  8. Meditation / Mindfullness / Journalling

  9. Bed is sacrosanct. Only sleep or sex.

Once you have made the Deep Sleep Formula yours for one month, your ability to take charge of your day, your night and your life improves tremendously.

Wish you a fabulous life where you are in charge of the results in your life.

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