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Sleepless in bed.....

Dear fellow cosmic traveller,

Have you lain in bed, wanting to fall asleep, but waiting and waiting and still not getting that blissful sleep that you are craving for?

You toss and turn, do breathing exercises, count backward and try all sorts of tricks to get your mind to shut up and allow you to fall asleep.

You suddenly feel lonely and helpless and want to trade anything for that bliss of going into a deep restful sleep.

The night of a sleep-deprived person is tortuous and painful. And many people do not bring themselves up to acknowledge it, or talk about it, let alone seek professional help.

Sleeping pills are the easiest solution to fall into and once they start taking it, at least the mind is sedated enough to allow them to fall asleep. Till they wake up in the middle of the night with a splitting headache that grips them in agony. And they need more of those little pills to help them along...

Another popular remedy is a few pegs of your favourite hooch. This can sedate you enough to drop off soon. But the after-effects on your sleep is still the same as that of sleeping pills.

Sleep deprivation affects each person differently.

But the most common affliction is loneliness.

You are not understood by those who have never suffered from sleeplessness.

The normal sleepers are blissfully unaware of the demons that have taken residence in your head.

Their talk is so removed from the talk inside your head. It is like you are living on different planets.

Sleeping pills or alcohol are not solutions to get deep sleep. If anything, it makes things progressively worse, till it is too late.

Everyone deserves natural, and effortless sleep to compensate them for the work that they put in daily.

Deep sleep is highly restorative and essential to life and productivity.

Don’t short change it.

If you have anyone in your family or circle of friends who is distracted, high strung, withdrawn or perpetually tired, there is a possibility that they are suffering from lack of sleep.

Be more understanding and help them to seek professional guidance to get the sleep they deserve.

Your friendly co-passenger

Ignatius Raphael

Deep Sleep & Wellness Coach

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