Sleep is your superpower

Have you ever wished for a superpower? A superpower that can help you overcome the woes in your life. Unknown to us, we possess some superpowers that we don’t even know that we have.

Take our body for example. Our body is supremely intelligent and resourceful and protects us from enemies both within and without. Without our conscious effort, our body produces expensive chemicals that combat diseases, handle bio-chemical processes that keep our body energised and functioning in any kind of conditions.

Our body knows how to heal itself, when to rest, when to run, when to conduct the various activities that keeps this magnificent machine running at all times.

This supremely intelligent machine has a built-in process called sleep that occurs with regularity every night. During this process, our body produces the hormones, enzymes and chemicals that are required to clean up the toxins built up during the day and replenish ATP in our cells so it can be used as energy during the day. During sleep our body repairs broken cells, manufactures killer cells (immunity boosters), repairs organs, improves our skin, consolidates memory, solves problems and finds innovative solutions to our life problems

You may know all of this and perhaps you don't think much about it. It's only when this benefit doesn't come to you because of a sleep disorder do you realise the enormity of what sleep gives us. I wish that you do not have to experience this. And you needn't as long as you make sure that you are not stealing time from sleep.

Other than these known facts about sleep, there is a secret that you