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Prescription for Happiness.

Would you like to know how to lead a life that is predominantly happy?

This is a learnable skill that anyone can pick up. It is not something a person is born with. It’s an attitude that you can cultivate and build.

Would you like to do that?

At the outset, happy people are those who have decided to be happy irrespective of the circumstances. It starts with the decision that you take, "I deserve to be happy and I shall keep myself happy, come what may"

If you have decided that your need to be right is more important than your desire to be happy, then that is what you will be choosing. And you are bound to get it.

But wouldn’t you like to be happy rather than be right?

Happy people have certain key characteristics that differentiate them from other people.

What is more surprising is that these are the same differentiators healthy people have over unhealthy people.

These key differentiators are:

  1. A sense of Purpose

  2. A sense of Control

  3. Acceptance of Change

  4. Diversified Interests

So the prescription for happiness is as below:

  1. One portion of Purpose - thrice daily before Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. This will give you direction and guide you to make the right decisions daily

  2. A dash of Self-Control every time you have an itch to give up or succumb to negativity or weakness. This will strengthen your back-bone and bolster your sense of self-worth

  3. A liberal portion of Acceptance to change that is thrust on you, without veering away from your sense of purpose or direction. Like a ship captain who navigates the ship through treacherous storms, currents and winds that pushes the ship away from its route, but recalibrates and adjusts the steering to reorient the ship back to its destination, accept the change and keep your direction true.

  4. A liberal splattering of diversified interests - as many times a day as you need it. Diversified interests keep you outside your comfort zone long enough to expand it and to enrich your life experience. Your neuro-plasticity depends on your ability to embrace diversified interests and this in turn ensures a happy and productive mind far into your old age.

Keep this prescription with you and take it regularly so you can join the legion of happy human beings who have walked this earth, head held high and laughter crinkling around your eyes and lips.

Your friendly Deep Sleep & Wellness Coach

Ignatius Raphael

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