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Morning Pages - The windshield wiper to clear your mind

Good Morning!

This phrase can have a lot more meaning in your life once you embrace the Morning Pages, a potent tool to clear your mind.

So what are these Morning Pages? I was introduced to this in the book "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron more than 20 years ago.

This book was written primarily to help artists, authors, and creative people to remove blocks to their creativity.

But after it was published, it was discovered that it can help any adult, who wants a clear head to go about his or her life, without past baggage dragging them down

I have found this to be the most powerful tool available to clear your head if you are not used to deep meditation.

Why the morning pages?

  1. To clear your head of all the blocks that are preventing you from leading a fulfilling life.

  2. To act as a windshield wiper on your mind to clear it of the debris collected daily in the course of your living

  3. To unearth and dump all past memories that are lurking deep down within, many times without our knowledge. These are determining how you make your decisions today thereby directing the direction of your life without your consent.

  4. To make you the person you are meant to be, without all the accumulated debris stored in the background

  5. To improve your relationships with people in your life

  6. To improve your innovation and problem-solving skills

How to do the morning pages?

  1. Get yourself a long notebook and pen. Keep it at your bedside table the previous night.

  2. When you wake up, let this be one of the first few activities that you do, if not the very first thing you do.

  3. After completing your morning ablutions (if required), seat yourself comfortably somewhere and write down 3 pages of longhand writing of any thought that pops up in your head. No editing. No rewriting. No one else is going to see it. Not even you.

  4. The secret is to write down the thought in longhand (no abbreviations or shorthand) as it occurs. Now you may say, what if I don't have any thoughts. That is ok. Write that down, "I am not getting any thoughts"

  5. Capture anything that crosses your mind. "I hear a car horn in the distance" "Why should I write, why not type". "Can't I just think about it rather than write it?", etc.

  6. It is an absolute must that you write 3 pages in normally spaced writing in a foolscap notebook. This will take 15 minutes once you get the hang of it. Initially, it may even take you half an hour.

  7. This becomes literally your morning mental dump. Someone I know does it when she is sitting on the pot doing her daily dump.

  8. Do not reread or keep it. Write for destruction. Tear it. Burn it. Flush it. Doesn't matter.

  9. Do the morning pages for one month continuously to see the full value of this tool. You will save on therapy costs. It will help you resolve inner conflicts. It will help you see life more clearly.

You can read more about the morning pages and how to use them to power up your life in the book below.

I have personally benefitted enormously from the Morning Pages. Some of the best business ideas and solutions came to me in the Morning Pages. Several products were visualized in the morning pages.

But all of this happens after the first few weeks of dumping. Dump to destroy - not to reread.

Share your feedback below after using this powerful tool on how it impacted you and your life.

You deserve to live life with clarity and purpose!

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