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Live with ID in 2021

Are you ready for 2021?

Are you clear what you want to achieve or experience this year?

One thing that we all have in common is time.

We are all credited with 86,400 seconds every day at midnight.

What we do with it, determines whether we had a significant day, a bad day or just another day to tick off.

This year we have been credited with 31,536,000 seconds on the stroke of midnight of 31 Dec 2020. That is 525,600 minutes or 8760 hours.

Do you know its value?

If you did, you would be among the top 0.001% of the human population.

A few years back I had an accident where I broke my wrist into smithereens while running in a race. The 3 seconds it took for my body to move from an upright running position to a horizontal supine position looked to me like a very long 30 seconds… But onlookers would have counted just 3 seconds. If I had a second more to correct myself, I could have avoided that fall and the consequent events which cost me months in hospital and rehab and the loss of productive weeks.

Seconds are precious. It can mean the difference between life and death, Success and failure, or Happiness and Sorrow.

We have been given this opportunity, to create our own destiny. We can either create it or make do with what is created for us by default.

Do you have a friend who started off at the same time as you but has risen to great heights in his/her career or business? Both of you had the same time given to you, but one has utilised this time well and the other could not make best use of the very same time. So the results experienced are so very different.

You have been given a chance again, to recognise the value of the time given to you.

What are you intending to do with it?

My suggestion.

Live with ID.

Live with Intention.

Create a life of intention where you wake up to what you plan to accomplish for the day. Have faith in your intention. Commune with your higher self to check the purity of your intention and whether it is aligned with your highest purpose. Then go forth and act on the day with the faith that your intention will manifest… sooner or later.

Live with Drive.

Use your dynamic energy to power your intention and let every thought, word and action be aligned to the manifestation of your intention.

Sooner or later, the Universe needs to dish it up for you. The Cosmic Kitchen will work overtime to make it happen.

Go live a life of ID- Intention and Drive and co-create the life that you want in your life.

Your friendly Deep Sleep & Wellness Coach

Ignatius Raphael

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