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Learn to sleep easily and naturally through WhatsApp

Yes, you read it right. Learn to sleep through WhatsApp.

Our modern lifestyle has made us forget how to sleep easily and naturally and we need a modern technology - WhatsApp to help reach more people and help them learn one of the most ancient and basic processes that a human ought to do naturally.

Sleep is not just intrinsic and part of every human being, actually part of any animal species in this world, it is also one of the most regular phenomena that every human experience naturally and daily.

Unfortunately in this modern world, thanks to Thomas Alva Edison and numerous other inventors who have filled the night with artificial light, our body clock has got so confused that we don’t know the difference between day and night and so our sleep cycles are compromised and impacted negatively.

I was pushed into this space of helping people to rediscover the enormously beneficial effects of getting their full quota of beauty sleep, because of sudden death of a friend who was just short of 40 but passed away one morning.

Later I discovered that he was so driven and committed to his duties that he stole hours from his sleep regularly right from an early age.

He had so much to offer the world but he was no more. All because he believed that sleep was a luxury that he can do without when he had so many commitments to keep and many miles to go before he sleeps.

Unfortunately, the miles disappeared without warning and the rest of us were left with just memories of a person so full of life, promise, and achievements.

When we steal hours from our sleep every day, one day it decides to steal the years from you and leave you empty handed.

This 5-day WhatsApp course helps you to understand the Science of Sleep and learn to sleep by 10 pm and wake up at 5 am.

Program objective: Learn how to go to sleep by 10:00 PM and Wake-up before 5:00 AM naturally and easily.

Program Description: “Deep Sleep Formula” helps the student to Fix his/her sleep cycle and attract health, wealth, and happiness into their life without taking any medicines or substances.

The course is structured well and packs a lot in the one hour a day class:-

  1. Day 1 - Why is “Deep Sleep Formula” so important for you to achieve your life dreams?

  2. Day 2 - How to Create a PNR (Personalised Night Routine) FOR YOU that attracts natural healthy sleep?

  3. Day 3 - How to Create a PMR (Personalised Morning Routine) FOR YOU that can power your dreams to manifestation?

  4. Day 4 - How to install the habits that can guarantee you success in your life endeavours?

  5. Day 5 - How to build the momentum that can take you to your life dreams?

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Your friendly Deep Sleep & Wellness Coach

Ignatius Raphael

Deep Sleep and Wellness Coach

DAY 7 of 2021

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