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Last day of 2020

What a year it has been. I have personally suffered a lot in terms of business disruption and changes. Luckily though, I am alive, and in my immediate family everyone is still alive. That should count for a victory in today’s world.

The world has been turned upside down. People now realise clearly that nothing is permanent. Everything is liable to change when the circumstances show up.

You don’t need to go to school to learn. You don’t need to go to the office to work. You don’t need to travel to the mandapam to attend a wedding. You don’t need to commute to another office to have a meeting. You don’t need to go to the grocery store to shop, or visit a bank to conduct banking transactions.

All those who said, I cannot work with technology. I need to have the human touch to be able to deliver my best, guess what, more and more of them are adopting technology to reach out and conduct their best programs.

The travel industry is destroyed and many companies have folded up. You just need to drive down any street or road to see the number of businesses that have shut and the number of TOLET signs that are up.

But in this same climate there are new stores that have cropped up. Some of the older stores have remodeled their interiors or rationalised the space that they use.

New thinking, new habits, new technologies, new processes and a new way of life are here to stay. Change is the new constant.

I am happy to say goodbye to 2020 and be grateful for the lessons it taught me.

I am born anew and a new way of life has opened up and I welcome it with wide open arms.

As I march into 2021, I realise that we are all battle-worn soldiers who have won some, lost some and entering a new year with hope in our hearts and a resolve to do something better with our life.

I am happy to be here and I am happy that you are reading this, you are alive and kicking and ready to win more battles and prevail over your life.

Let’s conquer 2021.

Your friendly Deep Sleep & Wellness Coach

Ignatius Raphael

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