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I am my self-identity. Nothing less. Nothing more

Have you ever considered that we define who we are and the results we experience in our life?

When you catch yourself blaming someone else or something else, ask yourself why you are responding so? Ask yourself whether there is a lesson here for you to learn and grow and that is why it is showing up in your life now.

I find this whole business of playing the victim card is self-defeating because it keeps you in a place that you don't want to be.

Let's take the consequences forced on us by an uncontrollable event like Corona itself. Some of us had to close businesses. Some had to cut down all overheads and survive till they can recover again. Some continued as usual with some minor changes to their operating methods. Some benefitted big time and made a killing, literally and metamorphically.

Those who cribbed and ranted and blamed, the Chinese, Modi, the govt, God, and any other entity they could take potshots at, resigned themselves to their fate and let it control them.

Those who accepted the circumstances and looked at what lessons it held for them and what they could do to survive and thrive, discovered hidden assets and talents that they unearthed and allowed to flourish.

We are the cap for our growth. When we are narrow and small-minded we restrict the size of our bottle and what it can hold. When we personally expand and grow, then we allow our capacity to expand and grow and we benefit from new opportunities created.

Who do you see yourself as?

Are you a problem solver or a problem sayer?

As you get clearer on who you are and what you can do, your comfort zone expands and grows, and your ability to take on larger and larger responsibilities grow.

Every morning spend 15 mins in silence with yourself and look at who you are and what you should be focussing on today.

Questions to hold in your mind are:

  • What is my life purpose and what can I do today to help me fulfill it?

  • What are the top 3 things I should focus on today to get me the results I want in my life?

  • Who am I going to be today?

The quality of your questions determines the quality of your results.

Focus on the right ones and you will find life unraveling itself in the direction of your highest vision of yourself.

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