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How to tame your thoughts before you sleep...

As a Deep Sleep Coach, I find that the No 1 reason for most people struggling to sleep as soon as they hit the bed is, too many thoughts racing through their head. These thoughts have them firmly in their grip and do not let go easily unless the affected people learn to trick the mind.

An average human adult has around 60,000 thoughts per day. Most of them may be repetitive, but they are running through your head and determine the quality of your day, your night, and your life. But when these thoughts come in the way of your sleep, it compounds this problem of repetition and can make your life pretty miserable.

When you get into bed with the intention of sleeping and find multiple thoughts racing around in your head and increasing as you toss and turn, your subconscious realises that you are firmly in its grip and takes you for a long tortuous journey.

Very soon, you get a free pass into the growing community of people called "The Sleep Deprived". The Sleep Deprived toss and turn, try different techniques to get to fall asleep when they hit the bed. However, their habit of NOT falling asleep easily grows into an affliction that becomes a curse and affects adversely their health, mind, moods, emotions, relationships, and work.

There are several tools to help you overcome this problem and claim your rightful sleep. But the most powerful one is what I am going to share today.

The most powerful tool to break this habit is your night journal.

Keep a notebook and pen next to your bed and before getting into bed, pen down all the thoughts as they appear in your head.

Remember that you are merely writing the thought down and not going on a journey with that thought. Tell your mind that you will address it the next day.

Repeat this with each thought that shows up in your head and consign them to the night journal for taking action the next day.

Slowly the number of thoughts will decrease, the frequency will decrease, and finally, you will be in a state of mind that will allow you to take the rest your body is craving.

If you sleep within 10 to 15 mins of getting into bed, you have won. if you are still awake after 15 minutes, get out of bed, and take up the journal again and fill it up with your thoughts and tell your mind that you will address them the next day. Remember you need to address them the next day, so your mind will start trusting you.

Every time thoughts are keeping you in bed awake for more than 15 mins, follow this technique till you beat your mind into submission so it will allow you to sleep when you hit the bed. Remember your mind is a wild animal and it has to follow your orders. It needs to be trained in this fashion so it will follow your orders and give you the rest you deserve.

Let me know how this works for you after you conquer your mind and your sleep.

Happy sleeping...

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