How to get your teens to get adequate sleep for their health, well-being, and performance...

If there is a teen in your home, it is quite likely that there are several arguments about when they should go to sleep. Teens are at that delicate age when they think they are fully developed adults and we parents think they are still babies who need to listen to us and do what is right (as per our views).

Your worrying about their late hours and irregular sleep patterns are justified and also scientifically-backed. However, your worries only make this situation worse and exaggerate the effects.

I have a couple of boys and the younger one is just at the fag end of his teens. He has friends around the world who chat with him at odd hours. He follows European football league matches and that is also at odd hours. Any amount of cajoling, shouting or reasoning will not work on him. His hormones are kicked in and his circle of friends and their habits have a huge influence on him and fretting and fuming w