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How to get my spouse to sleep at the same time as me?

This seems to becoming a bigger and bigger problem in this modern world.

Won't it be lovely if you could both go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time?

So how should you do it?

First, let's examine why you should do it.

When you go to bed at the same time, you are able to

  • form a stronger bond together

  • Talk to each other in a relaxed manner

  • Catch up on the day's happenings

  • Massage each other and help yourselves to unwind from the day

  • Make love together

  • And finally fall asleep together

Won't it be beautiful if you could do this daily?

What are the benefits of doing this?

  • Your marital bonds are strengthened

  • Less fights (or no fights) during the day

  • Less stress to deal with

  • Your health improves tremendously (because of the love-making)

  • Decrease risk of heart-attacks / hypertension / high BP, etc

  • Your skin and face will glow

  • You will be truly rested and rejuvenated

With all these benefits that you can get by just sleeping together at the same time, shouldn't you be doing something about finding out how you can work out a mutually acceptable compromise timing to go to bed?

Is your spouse ready to synchronise your sleeping time? If yes, then it's a question of finding the common time that both of you are comfortable with.

Find out your sleep chronotype to understand each other better. Click the link below to do it

Once you have learned your natural sleep timing, you need to know that this changes with age and circumstances and is not cast in stone. You can change your chronotype and you do it anyway through different phases of your life.

So arrive at a time that both of you agree to.

If you can find a time between 9 pm and 11 pm that both of you are comfortable with, it will be most advantageous to both of you.

In case he / she does not believe that it is important to go to sleep at the same time, then you would need to woo your spouse by taking him/her on a vacation, where you do the steps outlined at the start of this article.

Let your spouse experience the power of the blissful sleep that comes when your sleep timings are synchronised and you can care for each other before falling asleep.

That may get your significant other to see the benefit of sleeping at the same time.

Talk openly in a caring, nurturing and compassionate manner so you can come to an agreement on the best way to wind up the day's chores and get ready to go to bed together.

Develop a routine that works for each other. Help your partner to wind up the day by sharing some chores and responsibilities and then caring for each other before finally falling asleep.

Making love is a very important step that gives both parties a host of benefits that cannot be got any other way.

Give your partner pleasure before you get your own.

Touch. Massage. Care.

Love and experience the culmination of a togetherness that you are blessed with.

Enjoy the process. Enjoy the benefits.

Live a long and happy life together.

You both deserve it.

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