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Happy Women's Day

Women are the source of our life. They are the mothers, nourishers, sisters, daughters and friends who complete the other half of mankind. A woman balances the man. She provides the counterforce to give us balance and create the experience of life.

Both man and women have both the masculine and feminine energies. It's obvious that women will have more of the feminine energy and man will have more of the masculine energy. But if you look at any couple, you might find that one has more of the opposite energy if the other is lacking in it. And it may wax or wane depending on the partner's state.

That is the beauty of a marriage.

Women and sleep is a peculiar relationship.

Mothers are the first choice when it comes to care of the newborn and their sleep gets badly impacted while carrying as well as after delivery. Many of the women who attend my Deep Sleep courses have had their sleep impacted for decades and they owe it to themselves to get their sleep balanced as soon as possible.

They nourish and take care of everybody else but themselves. I would like the men to bring this to their attention and help them to nourish and take care of themselves too. And ladies, charity starts at home. Take care of yourselves and make yourself a priority too. When you take care of yourself, your develop the strength and ability to do what you do for much longer and with less stress.

The more you take care of yourself, the easier it is for you to sleep. Relaxation brings deep sleep. Stress brings in more stress and less deep sleep

I salute all the women in our world today, and humbly offer you the following wish

I wish you enough .... .... Beauty Sleep to let your inner light shine .... Love & Care to make you radiantly happy .... Laughter to create the dimples on your cheeks and crinkle your eyes .... Time to take care of yourself as much as you take care of those who depend on you .... Nutrition to keep you strong and give you a long active life .... Strength to shoulder yours as well as your dependents woes .... Intelligence to groom tomorrow's citizens of the world

Happy WOMEN's Day!!!

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