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Do you tune yourself every morning?

Have you ever played a musical instrument?

Are you aware that every musical instrument needs to be tuned before it can play the heavenly music that we enjoy? Each musical instrument has the ability to play beautiful music, only if it is first tuned to respond to the musician’s artistry.

Why do instruments need to be tuned?

An instrument needs to be tuned to ensure it plays at the correct tone and pitch. There are two key reasons why tuning your instrument is important. Firstly, to ensure the instrument is in tune with itself and secondly, to ensure it is in tune with others.

We human beings are far more complicated than all the musical instruments put together. We are capable of producing great music if we are properly tuned up every morning.

But, do we give ourselves the time to tune ourselves up before stepping out into the day?

Just as a musical instrument requires tuning to play at the perfect tone and pitch and to be in harmony with the other instruments on stage, we human beings need time to tune ourselves and get ready to give out our best performance on a daily basis.

Are you doing it?

Shall I share what I do first thing in the morning, to be in harmony with myself and with those I interact with for that day?

The first thing when I wake up is

  • to become aware of my surroundings while still in bed

  • to become aware of my body, mind, and emotions

  • to become aware of my breathing pattern

  • and to get out of bed only after I have brought awareness to my current state.

To practice the above, you could ask yourself these questions, while still in bed and getting ready to wake up

  • What do I see, hear, smell or feel?

  • How is my breath - deep, shallow, or rapid?

  • How does my body feel - heavy, light, energetic, or lazy?

  • What was I thinking about when I woke up?

  • What is my emotional state now - happy, sad, blessed, grateful, anxious, worried?

Once I am out of bed, I have a morning routine that involves the following:

  • Mindfulness practice/s

  • Meditation to connect with my core and the Creator

  • Exercise - at least 15 mins of stretching, yoga, or kinesthetics

  • Journalling - morning pages, plans, etc

  • Visualisation exercise - to imagine the day and the outcomes

  • Learning time - Reading / Audio Book

This is typically followed by a morning walk or run to energise me for the day. This is accompanied by listening to an audiobook or music.

This has been part of my daily routine for several years now and it helps me to face the day and steer it where I want it to go.

Life can be lived with conscious intent and actions or by unconscious reactive actions.

We have a choice - whether to tune our instrument in the morning so we can play a beautiful symphony with the world or go without any tuning and become part of a cacophony.

What is your choice?

What are you planning to do to play your own unique symphony?

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