Do you hate to forgive?

Do you hate to forgive those who have committed unspeakable crimes on you or your loved ones?

It is understandable to feel the hate when you have been hurt badly. But how long we hold on to it and how much damage it is doing to us are important points to consider. Otherwise the harm caused to us may be far greater than the actual crime.

When we are holding on to the hate and the pain, two crimes are being committed. One by the perpetrator and another by the victim. Which crime is doing more harm is a good topic for a debate. But would you want your life to be a subject of debate?

We would like to live with a sense of well-being, rather than have a debate on why that well-being has been snatched away from us, or by whom, isn't it?

Love, Hate and Forgiveness are all highly charged topics with people taking polarized positions on them. People have strong feelings surrounding this topic and it's a good practice to examine yo