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Conscious Living or Unconscious Existence?

Yesterday when I was out on a walk early in the morning, I heard painful cries as though someone was being murdered.

Just a little earlier I had passed a group of dogs that had been snarling at one intruder. The intruder and the leader of the pack were looking at each other menacingly with their teeth drawn back and snarling and growling, ready to pounce on each other’s throat. One dog was on the ground between the two adversaries oblivious to the war erupting over her supine body. The rest of the pack was around these two waiting for an opportunity to join the fracas.

I was returning back on the same road when I heard the painful cries and realised that one of them was on the losing side. When I reached this group, the intruder was being chased by the pack and was slipping and falling each time a bite was taken on it. It was a bloody battle and the intruder was getting pieces of his body bitten off every few seconds. There was no way anyone could intervene with so many dogs all bent on killing this intruder.

Finally, the intruder gave up and ran for his life, tail firmly between his legs. He got through a fence and sprinted for his life.

I continued back on my morning walk and ruminated on what I just witnessed. Just for a chance to have sex with that female dog, this intruder was willing to put up with so much pain and risk of losing his life or limb.

Was it really worth it? Why would a dog put up with so much, just for a shot at having sex?

Do humans have the same tendency?

But I realised, that what that dog was doing was not for a shot at having sex. It was for a shot at eternity. He wanted to live on for eternity and that can happen only if he passes on his genes to the next generation. He was fighting for survival of his lineage. He was not fighting to have sex. Then I felt a little more compassion for that fellow.

Animals (other than humans) have the instinct to survive against all odds. They just follow the instinct blindly and do whatever it takes to survive. This intruder was only doing that.

But humans have intellect. They have the ability to overcome their instincts and make conscious choices. They need not have to blindly follow their instincts and act. They can critically evaluate their choices and make a conscious one that can lead them down a path that resonates with their highest values.

Are we leading a conscious life, or are we blindly following our baser instincts?

Reflect on the above question and find your own answers.

What kind of life do you want?

Are your choices leading to that life or away from that life?

It’s your free will. Decide your direction and live life to the fullest.

Your friendly Deep Sleep & Wellness Coach

Ignatius Raphael

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