Conscious Living or Unconscious Existence?

Yesterday when I was out on a walk early in the morning, I heard painful cries as though someone was being murdered.

Just a little earlier I had passed a group of dogs that had been snarling at one intruder. The intruder and the leader of the pack were looking at each other menacingly with their teeth drawn back and snarling and growling, ready to pounce on each other’s throat. One dog was on the ground between the two adversaries oblivious to the war erupting over her supine body. The rest of the pack was around these two waiting for an opportunity to join the fracas.

I was returning back on the same road when I heard the painful cries and realised that one of them was on the losing side. When I reached this group, the intruder was being chased by the pack and was slipping and falling each time a bite was taken on it. It was a bloody battle and the intruder was getting pieces of his body bitten off every few seconds. There was no way anyone could intervene with so many dogs all bent on killing this intruder.