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Conquer your sleep. Conquer your life

Yes. That's true. By just taking control of your sleep, you can control your life and I will help you do that.

Let me show you how.

At night, are you able to sleep when your body is seeking it, within 15 mins of lying down on he bed?

In the morning are you able to wake up without an alarm at or before the time you decided to wake up?

If you are able to answer yes to both, then you are gifted and it will be easier for you to conquer your life.

If the answer is no to either one or both of the above, then you need to learn and practice to do it so that you can conquer your sleep.

How does this work?

To be able to sleep at the time that your body needs it, you would need to have completed your day's tasks and wound up all the affairs of the day and be ready to retire and welcome the next day.

Imagine doing this daily. You are on top of your day and in control of all the elements happening within or at least all the responses to the events happening in the day.

If you would like to learn to do this, it is a habit change that will take 3 to 4 weeks to adopt. That's why I have designed this course so you can definitely adopt this new habit.

But you can also read my blogs on this subject and learn, if you prefer it that way.

Do you have too many thoughts troubling you before you go to sleep? Read this.

Do you feel you have not got enough deep sleep? You can follow these instructions and get to experience deep sleep.

Do you want to learn how to sleep deep and sleep well? Read this.

Starting soon


Sleep is your Superpower. When you lose sleep, you become weaker and prone to diseases, less energy, less productive, more stressed and more unhappy.

Less sleep leads to one or more of these life-changing maladies such as:

  • Hypertension (high BP)

  • Stressed relationships at home and at office

  • Higher probability for Heart-attacks, Diabetes, Alzheimers and more

  • Poor memory and lesser productivity

  • Face looks tired and ages faster

  • Fertility is reduced

  • Less productive at work

  • Poorer decision making skills

  • Increased chance of accidents

  • Reduced life-span

But you can change it. Heal yourself from sleep issues through this course

This program can heal you from within and remove the blockers that prevent you from sleeping at the time you need it.

Live online sessions on weekdays: 20 sessions over 4 weeks

What will you learn:

1. Science of Sleep

2. A personalised Sleep routine that will work for you

3. 5 Secrets behind a peaceful sleep

4. 5 Powerful Techniques to reduce the thoughts to give you peace of mind

5. 3 Mindfullness techniques

6. 21 Tips to a peaceful night sleep

7. 7 Habits that can change your life

About me: I am on a mission to help a million people to live A FULLER LIFE with purpose and enthusiasm. This is not possible without adequate sleep and rest.

I am 57 years young and I believe my life is just starting again. I am only at the half way mark and I'm living my life with passion and energy and want to carry this passion through my second half too. I'm an entrepreneur turned brand consultant turned Business Consultant who has found his passion as a Wellness & Deep Sleep Healing Channel.

I want to share the secrets behind how I am doing this, because I want you to experience the fullness of life and find your own energy source to power you till your life purposes are accomplished.

If you are ready, I am ready too.

Looking forward to see you soon on the other side.

Your Wellness & Deep Sleep Healing Channel

Ignatius Raphael

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