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2020-2021 the much awaited transition......

The end of 2020 is nearing.

This year has been a tumultuous year for all of us.

We have had to alter our lifestyle, our habits, our thinking, our careers & business, our shopping & entertainment, our socialising, the way we go to school or college and just about most other areas of our life.

Some of us have lost loved ones. Some of us did not make it through this year. Hopefully they are not reading this.

Some of us have had our livelihoods uprooted and thrown away. Some have done very well in their money making ventures. Some have continued to earn but with some restrictions.

Some of us had to live separated from loved ones for an extended period. Some were forced to cohabitate with their significant other in close quarters for an extended period.

Families discovered each other, hated each other, loved each other, kissed and made up or fought and stayed away.

All our lives have been turned topsy-turvy by the tiniest of tiny miscreants. The insignificant has suddenly become very significant. It made large profits for some and utter losses for others.

2020 has ensured that life will never be the same again.

Technology has taken root deeply and can never be ignored again - by individuals or entities. The era of intelligent machines and technology is firmly upon us.

Health & Safety are everyone’s concern suddenly. We will never unlearn how to wash our hands or sanitise whatever we come in contact with.

Namaste is back. Handshakes are out.

Masks are in. Well-groomed visages are out.

Soaps and sanitisers are hot sellers. Pani poori and road-side delicacies are out.

2020 is stepping out and 2021 is stepping in.

What is in store for us? Do you know?

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