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About the Course

SLEEP 101 is the essential primer to understand what is happening during sleep.

This subject is neither taught in school or college, but we spend a significant part of our life sleeping. Wouldn't you like to discover what is going on behind those closed eyes?

To learn how to take charge of our sleep


We sleep for 1/3rd of our life and yet we do not know enough about it.

  1. What time should we sleep?

  2. How long should we sleep?

  3. When should we wake up?

  4. How to overcome insomnia and other sleep difficulties?

There are many questions related to sleep that are left unanswered and we do not get the full benefit of our sleep.

When we are investing one-third of our life in it, shouldn't we know a little more about how we can make this an effective part of our life.

Dive into this course and discover how you can make sleep your superpower.

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