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About the Course

The ability to make the right decision is enhanced when we are calm and have a clear mind. This calm and clear mind is not available to those who have had less sleep or poor quality of sleep.

If there is any gap in their sleep, nutrition, or exercise needs, it immediately impacts their performance at work and in their life. In today’s world, especially in the knowledge-based industries, employees require this ability even more strongly than before.

We at Deep Sleep Academy have developed a program, especially for people who need to make quality decisions at the workplace even under stressful conditions.

For who?

Executives preparing for team lead roles and junior leaders

What does this program do?

This program will help the participants to learn to relax and let go of unnecessary stress while developing the ability to sleep at the right time and wake up at the right time so they can experience peak performance in their life.

Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, and Swara (Breath) are foundational to their well-being and productivity.

In addition to this, SENSEability helps them to learn to

  • Eat, exercise, and sleep in the right manner to perform at peak levels

  • Harness the power of their deep sleep - their hidden superpower to enhance their performance at work and in personal life

  • Manage their breath, emotions, and thoughts in a harmonious and coherent manner

  • Improve their HRV - Heart rate variability

  • Improve immunity

  • Stay healthy, active, and responsive in life

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence & Resilience

  • Improve Innovation and Creativity

  • Improve critical thinking and decision making skills

  • Prepare themselves to survive and thrive in this VUCA world

How does this program do all this?

In this 90-day program, the participants learn to

  • Sleep at the right TDS - Timing, Duration, and Satisfaction

  • Develop a PMR (Personalised Morning Rituals) and PNR (Personalised Night Rituals) that can help them to align with their life role and purpose

  • Harness the power of their deep sleep to help them perform at peak levels

  • Harness the power of their breath and use it to align themselves for peak performance

  • Harness the power of the right nutrition (Water & Food) and adopt healthy eating habits that can power them to success

  • Use the right body movements and exercises to energise and strengthen themselves

  • Build habits that will serve them well to perform at peak levels

  • Discover the power of strength, stamina, and vitality that is inherent in a strong body that is connected to a strong mind.

Duration & details of program:

Three months (90 days)

  • Welcome kit containing the book and instruction manual

  • Daily practices - that become part of their daily life.

  • Daily drip learning and inspirational message to set the tone for the day

  • Daily tracker/journal for them to realise the progress they are making

  • Buddy system to help build accountability and better commitment

  • Weekly Q&A sessions - Live online (one hour)

  • Monthly masterclass - Live online (90 mins)

  • Library of learning videos - available 24x7 on a secure site to enhance their well-being

  • Forum to share experiences, ask questions, and clarify doubts

Tuition Fees*:

Request for details

Batch size:

Minimum 100 to max 150 people in a batch from same vertical or horizontal within the company

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