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Helping you to take charge of your sleep and your life

Life is to be lived fully. By taking control of your sleep, you can take control of your life.
We help you with multiple courses and engagements to provide you with the skills and knowledge required to take charge of your life.

Life can be magical when you are in harmony with your body, mind and soul.
The first step in getting our alignment back is when we learn to sleep by 10 pm and wake up by 5 am. You can add plus or minus 1 hour at both ends.
Dive in and join the level 1 course and work your way upwards



Let go of the baggage that is holding you back from being your own best version.

Research has shown that forgiveness is linked to mental health outcomes such as reduced anxiety, depression and major psychiatric disorders, as well as with fewer physical health symptoms and lower mortality rates.

Forgiveness helps you to become lighter, more relaxed and get sleep easier and deeper.

"Forgiveness allows you to let go of the chronic interpersonal stressors that cause us undue burden."

  • Anger, resentment, and blaming others hurts us more than it does the other party.

  • Learn to let go of past hurts, anger and resentment.

  • Learn to live free. 

  • You deserve total freedom.

  • And that's not possible with buried hurt, resentment and anger.

  • Learn to be Free and Live Free.


Learn to Sleep by 10 pm and wake up by 5 am

Your health, wealth, relationships, productivity and happiness can all get affected by lack of sleep.
In just 5 days, you can find relief from this affliction through applying the Deep Sleep Formula.
Join my “Deep Sleep Bootcamp" where you will learn the following
Deep Sleep Formula Concepts
Milestone 1: How disturbed is your Deep Sleep Patterns
Milestone 2: How to fix your disturbed Deep Sleep Patterns 
Milestone 3: How to go from a Disturbed Sleep Victim to a Deep Sleep Warrior using the Deep Sleep Formula
Deep Sleep Warrior Consciousness
Milestone 1: How to find your ideal Deep Sleep Routine
Milestone 2: How to install the Deep Sleep Routine
Milestone 3: How to create a conscious relaxed deep sleep pattern and slay your internal demons
Here's what you can do with our Deep Sleep Formula.
1. You can stop becoming a victim and transform into a victor of your sleep 
2. You can design you morning and night routine that will give you the deep sleep that you deserve without taking medications or spending time and money on hospital visits
3. You can live a life of conscious intention and achieve health, wealth and happiness

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